Linda Mueller

Humankind's mark upon the world is like the cicatrix carved into a tree trunk. A beautiful statement of our persistence in love that doesn't take into account the host's ability to sustain and recover, yet assumes it will. Rare it is that man can improve upon the uniqueness; vivid, tepid, bleak, glorious nature of the world we live in. To vistas ultimately unchanged in millions of years to fleeting act of tumultuous weather, the Earth is my palette.     

This is a collection, forever in the works, of photography and painting . As I add to this collection, hopefully over time improving in capturing the fleeting moments that transfix us, I welcome you to check in on the journey and add your comments as well. This is not just my journey, but that of my wonderful family; my two creative daughters and supportive, handsome husband who allow me to customize our trips around the "golden lighting" while patiently toting tripods and gear. Without them, without perspective, the Grand Canyon would be just a hole in the ground. 

Please be inspired to go outside and enjoy our natural lands and wonders while they still exist, and help to preserve them for our future generations!

Deer at Dusk in Zion
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